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 I have 3 sponsors!

I have 5 tabby cats at home so it only seems right that I    sponsor this pretty girl!  --Roxana Stewart--
--Carolyn Solseth--
--Deborah Ackerman--
--Julie Ferguson--

Tabby                                     Born 10/17/06

Look at this gorgeous girl – can you imagine dumping her, unwanted, at a shelter and disappearing into the night? It’s a crazy world out there, but fortunately for Tabby there are groups like Shadow Cats to help out cats like her. The word “unwanted” is just not in our dictionary!


As is often the case with cats who spend some time in less-than-ideal living situations Tabby is a little shy, but at the sanctuary we understand that and know just how to make her feel at home. She may never be a lap cat…but then again, with lots of patience and TLC, you never know. In any case, she’s now really enjoying life in the Uptown area, where she loves to sit on the ledges, sniff the breeze, and watch birds and squirrels in the trees and even the occasional fisherman along the creek out back.


Some cats like to hide away in a cubby down low, and others crave the high places.  Tabby is definitely the latter - she always goes for the very top perch on one of the cat trees out on the big screen porch, or gets way up on top of the wall shelves in the indoor section of the Uptown area.  Right now all she wants from our volunteers is mostly a smile and a soft word…but she may eventually decide that getting petted is pretty wonderful too. Either way, she’ll have everything she needs to live life on her own terms. And we’ll reminder her often that here, she is very much loved and wanted!