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REMEMBERING cover girl

It all started when Sheila Smith saw the photo of an emaciated cat on the Best Friends website, part of a massive rescue in the desert near Pahrump, Nevada.  Wanting to help, she offered a contribution – sure that the poor kitty in the picture would not have been one of the survivors.  When it turned out that she survived, and had not only a host of medical issues but was also feline leukemia positive, some force in the universe created a magical, serendipitous moment.

Shadow Cats ultimately took in several groups of feline leukemia cats from Pahrump, and in return Best Friends took groups of adoptable healthy cats from us into their adoption program.

Sheila and her husband, Dr. Roy, and Shadow Cats were uniquely qualified, and most of all willing, to care for these cats.  It was miraculous that they were alive at all, and became even more so that they would go from the Nevada desert into Cookie’s Place at the sanctuary, where they would live out their lives with the best of care and become internationally famous on the KittyCam.  And the sanctuary suddenly had a new focus on saving feline leukemia cats, who are usually at the bottom of the priority list when most shelters and rescue groups have to decide who they can help.

Cover Girl left us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in August of 2008, but her legacy lives on.  If you ever wonder whether Shadow Cats really makes a difference in the world, just look at these two pictures.  Cover Girl is a spectacular example, but one of many.  Most of the sanctuary residents would only have had a “before” picture if not for Sheila, Dr. Roy, and all the dedicated staff, volunteers and donors who make it possible for them to live the lives they deserve.  Isn’t it truly a privilege to be a part of that?


For more information on The Great Kitty Rescue - Two Years Later,
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