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Welcome to Blossom’s World!


Blossom was a tiny kitten only a few weeks old in 2008 when her life took what could have been a tragic turn. But a Good Samaritan (or guardian angel...) stepped in and she soon found herself in the loving arms of Shadow Cats. In no time at all she charmed volunteers David and Mary and became part of their family. They had no idea what was ahead for this little kitten, though!

Today Blossom is the official spokeskitty of Shadow Cats. She writes about her life at home and also some big adventures as she travels around the country with David and Mary in a camper full of cats. Blossom's fame has grown, too - they've met people on a mountaintop in Montana who were avid readers of Blossom's World! Besides being unbearably cute and adorable, Blossom is a constant reminder of why we do what we do at Shadow Cats, and how one person's decision to stop and help a cat in need can have a far bigger impact than they could ever have imagined. We hope you enjoy reading about her antics as much as we do!


Episode 1:   In the Beginning
Episode 2:   My New Big Sister
Episode 3:   My New Big Brother
Episode 4:   A Birthday Note from My Dad
Episode 5:   My Treehouse
Episode 6:   A Camping Adventure
Episode 7:   A Note from Dad on Camping
Episode 8:   Living the Good Life
Episode 9:   Laundry Day
Episode 10: My Windowsill
Episode 11: The Peek-A-Boo Game
Episode 12: Low Tech Toys
Episode 13: A Really Big Climbing Pole
Episode 14: Checking on the Tomatoes
Episode 15: A Note from Dad About Innocence
Episode 16: The Oldest Game...Paper Bags 
Episode 17: A Look Behind the Scenes

Episode 18: Curtains Are Better Than Blinds
Episode 19: We Got a New Kitten!
Episode 20: I Love Cairo!
Episode 21: Playing With Cairo
Episode 22:  Christmas Camping
Episode 23: The Great Outdoors
Episode 24: Traveling in the Trailer
Episode 25: Valentine's Day
Episode 26: What a Great Life I Have
Episode 27: Dinner Time
Episode 28: Note from Dad About My 2nd Birthday
Episode 29: Making the Bed
Episode 30: Blossom is a Supermodel
Episode 31: What a Mess!
Episode 32: TV Makes Me Sleepy
Episode 33: The New Birdfeeder
Episode 34: We're Going to Montana!
Episode 35: Looking Out the Trailer Windows
Episode 36: I Met a Park Ranger!
Episode 37: The Trailer Bathroom
Episode 38: Trailer Games
Episode 39: Camping Cats from Canada
Episode 40: Behind the Scenes in Montana

Episode 41: The Cuteness Contest
Episode 42: A Walk in the Woods
Episode 43: Trailer Food
Episode 44: The End of Our Big Trip
Episode 45: Saint Francis of Assisi
Episode 46: My Visit With Santa
Episode 47: Blossom's Holiday Message
Episode 48: Another Christmas Camping Trip
Episode 49: A Few Words About Camping With Cats
Episode 50: The Dream Curl
Episode 51: The Bath Mat
Episode 52: Plumbers Helper
Episode 53: Just Hanging Around
Episode 54: The New Cat Tree
Episode 55: My Favorite Game
Episode 56: How to Get Me In Your Living Room
Episode 57: Another Big Trip!
Episode 58: The Mountains of Santa Fe and Taos
Episode 59: We're in Utah!
Episode 60: Breakfast at Lake Powell
Episode 61: Si' Si' the Circus Cat
Episode 62: Laundry Day in the Trailer
Episode 63: I Visit the Best Friends Sanctuary
Episode 64: Catching Flies
Episode 65: The Campground Cats of Torrey
Episode 66: My Shy Brothers
Episode 67: Camping is So Much Fun!
Episode 68: The View Out the Trailer Windows
Episode 69: My Trip to See the Vet
Episode 70: Helping in the Kitchen
Episode 71: Cozy by the Fire
Episode 72: Helping Daddy Paint
Episode 73: Look at the Bunny!
Episode 74: Camping in New Mexico
Episode 75: Trailer Walks
Episode 76: Open the Drawer!
Episode 77: The Trailer Couch Window
Episode 78: Trailer Visitors
Episode 79: Writing on the Road
Episode 80: The Cat Carpenter